Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 11

Public School started today and I am on week 3! I added Geography to Mondays schedule since we are 45 minutes ahead each day. It only takes about 10 why not!! I am happy with our progress, and feel good about this whole home schooling thing. My son was a little sad when his friends were not around to play today. I am sure he will get used to it and be happy for an hour or two with his friends in the afternoon before dinner.

Today's Lessons:

Handwriting: Worksheet on writing the letter k. ( because his handwriting is sloppy) Then write all the words you know that start with k.

Reading: We took turns reading a chapter of Stanley & The Magic Lamp. Then he read Biscuit.

Grammar/Phonics: Word Flash Cards. Then 3 worksheets on letter families & more plural nouns (I will be happy when these plural noun worksheets are done!!)

Math: Test 46 Addition & 46 Subtraction Problems

History: We put together a Cain & Abel coloring book

Geography: Learned where the United States was on a map

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